The #2017TPM programme is here! Running 28-29 June in Nottingham, make sure you check in on our dedicated conference page regularly for all the latest updates! 

Advancing skills knowledge with PTRC


Cycling Infrastructure Design

3 May, Bristol

In recent years, cycling has experienced something of a renaissance as a serious mode of transport in urban areas, due to the air quality, congestion alleviation and health benefits it offers. This course explores different methods of providing for safe and convenient cycling in the urban environment, illustrated by case studies of innovative cycle infrastructure design.

Road Safety Audits: Principles and Good Practice

10 May, Bristol

Following the publication of the DMRB Road Safety Audit Standard HD 19/15, this timely one-day course provides an overview of the road safety audit process, an update on changes from HD19/03 and current methods for reducing the risk of injury on our roads.

Successful Planning Applications for Transport Practitioners

11 May, London

Are you involved in the development planning process? This course explores how the transportation issues associated with new developments are considered by local planning authorities, and guides practitioners through the key steps for ensuring that transport considerations contribute to a successful planning decision.

Essential Legislation for Highways and Transport Practitioners

17-18 May, London

The legislation affecting transport practitioners is wide ranging, with often serious consequences for non-compliance. Covering the main duties, this course provides an essential insight into the distinction between law and guidance and the risks that can arise from departing from this.

Public Inquiries and Appeals

24-25 May, Birmingham

12-13 July, London

How confident do you feel about the prospect of presenting evidence under cross-examination? This course, aimed at practitioners with your first formal inquiry or wanting to refresh skills, provides hands on experience of preparing a robust case and defending it under scrutiny.