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#PTRCFireside Chats

Take a look below to see all our previous Fireside Chats and writeups! The YouTube playlist can be viewed here.

Date Title Video Write Up
23 April 2020 Coronavirus and the future of Transport Planning              Chat One Write Up
18 June 2020 Social distancing – the death knell for public transport? Chat Two Write Up
16 July 2020 What have the roads ever done for us? Chat Three Write Up
23 July 2020 Freight and Logistics: Post Covid-19 & zero carbon – unpacking the 6 ‘C’s Chat Four Write Up
17 September 2020 And don’t forget walking: taking steps out of the pandemic Chat Five Write Up
15 October 2020 Reflections from emerging and established transport professionals Chat Six Write Up
03 December 2020 All models are wrong… especially after a pandemic Chat Seven Write Up
25 February 2021 COVID-19: Friend or foe for decarbonising transport? Chat Eight Write Up
15 April 2021 Diversity of perspective on the implications of COVID-19 for transport Chat Nine Write Up
27 May 2021 International perspectives on a global shock: where now for transport? Chat Ten Write Up