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Bespoke Training

With our extensive experience in the transport planning sector, we have the technical knowledge to tailor our current courses or create new ones to suit your organisation’s needs. Whether you are located in the UK or abroad, we would be happy to work with you to develop and deliver a training programme that is right for you. 


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In-House Training

We are aware of the need to secure maximum benefit from training budgets, but at the same time ensure that employees have the correct skills to help organisations meet their business and public obligations. Time and financial pressures mean that this cannot always be achieved, especially if there are large numbers of employees involved.  In-house training can offer employers a very cost effective approach to training groups of between 10 and 25 employees in introductory methods and skills, and provide an update on new or emerging techniques and legislation.  We have developed a range of technical courses that are likely to appeal to newer engineers, planners and technicians including those who have been recruited from a non-technical background. All of our one and two day courses can be offered as in-house training programmes. We are also happy to tailor our current courses or develop new courses to suit your organisation’s individual training needs and goals.


International Training

We work with a vast network of trainers and educational specialists in the design and delivery of courses overseas and draw on specialist consultants, academics and practitioners working in local and central government and the private sector. Like all of our courses, we tailor our programmes abroad to meet specific training needs and skill gaps, taking into account the unique requirements of each organisation. 


Recent In-House and International Training

Modelling for Non-Modellers, Two Day Training Course

The in-house course delivered first for Highland Council and later for Suffolk County Council covered all the modelling basics outlined in the public modelling course, with due emphasis on additional topics/ local examples as requested by the Clients. 

Inspired me to want to gain more experience in working with traffic/transport models! – Highland Council Delegate


Equalities Act, One Day Training Course

Nottingham City Council requested an in-house version of PTRC’s public Equalities Act course. The in-house training used Nottingham schemes and examples for workshop and audit exercises.

Really useful, Equalities Act has given knowledge and skills that can be applied immediately. – Nottingham City Council Delegate


Road Safety Audit, One Day Training Course

Tailored for South Gloucestershire Council, the in-house Road Safety Audit course outlined the basic principles underlying Road Safety Audit and reviewed the Council’s own safety audit. 

Really pleased with the course. Got the team talking – review of our own audit was valuable. Understanding of what we should be looking at was really useful. – South Gloucestershire Council Delegate 


Principles of Traffic and Transport, Five Day Training Course

We delivered a five-day version of our popular 20-week evening lecture series, The Principles of Traffic and Transport, for a Lagos-based consultancy, Planet Projects Ltd. The tailored training course was delivered in Dubai and included a study tour of local transport infrastructure.

The programme was a great one; it was educational and made us aware of improvements needed to be made in our locality. - Principles of Transport and Traffic Delegate


Traffic (Transport) Modelling, Two Day Course

We were selected to develop and deliver a Traffic Modelling course for Transport Malta.  The two-day course was partially funded by the European Union European Social Fund (ESF) and incorporated a number of case studies and workshops.


Parking Policies and Parking Calculations, One Day Training Courses

Requested by the Department for Transport Abu Dhabi, the Parking Policies and Parking Calculations courses were each presented on four concurrent days to accommodate the large number of delegates wishing to participate. 

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