Breaks in trend

David Metz Honorary professor, Centre for Transport Studies, University College London

We have nearly half a century of time series data from the National Travel Survey that shows little change in both average travel time (close to an hour a day) and trip rate (about 1000 a year)....
18 October 2019/Number of views (217)

A Tipping Point in Human History

Hamish Stewart - Car Free Day

A tipping point in human history   Throughout history, humans (and transport planners!) have focused much of our energy on creating cities, and now that most of humanity lives in cities,...
06 September 2019/Number of views (917)

Blockchain and carbon offsetting can help cities reduce emissions – but sometimes simpler is better

Stephen Finnegan Lecturer in Sustainable Architecture, University of Liverpool

The UK parliament recently declared a climate emergency, with prime minister Theresa May stating that the country will have net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. The government has...
19 July 2019/Number of views (2913)

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Dates announced for #2020TPM! Join us in London at the University of Greenwich 24 - 25 June 2020!

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Advancing skills knowledge with PTRC


School Travel Planning

05 November 2019 - London

With future planning growth and rising populations, the School Travel Plan is as necessary as ever. The ‘School Run’ remains a key area to tackle; with this course participants will learn new and innovative ways to secure engagement and develop an action plan for moving School Travel Plans forward in their own context.

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Successful Planning Applications

13 November 2019 - London

All transport planners are required to prepare and review transport assessments. This easily digestible course provides a fundamental overview on the operation of the planning system in England. Delegates will receive practical advice and leave with a strong understanding of the process.

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Traffic Surveys

14 November 2019 - London

When putting together traffic and transport surveys, how do you know which data collection method is most effective for the project you’re working on? This course provides a balanced overview of this often overlooked, but vitally important, element of the transport planning process.

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Cycling Infrastructure Design

15 November 2019 - London

Retro-fitting high quality cycling infrastructure is a significant challenge for engineers and planners. Restricted space, UK driving rules, culture and political support are key challenges. This course explores the different approaches to making cycling feel convenient and safe in urban areas.

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