PTRC is monitoring the quickly evolving global impact of COVID-19, and are acting to ensure that the health of our members and employees is not put at undue risk. 

From the outset we have maintained an approach to align activity with Government guidance, and continue to do so. We have plans in place to ensure that PTRC continue to operate with minimal disruption, wherever possible, and that services remain largely unaffected. However, responding prudently to evident risks we will from this week limit all non-essential face to face training, meetings and events and whenever possible move activity online for the foreseeable future. We anticipate some disruption, but will make every effort to minimise it.

We are committed to ensuring that we continue to provide the Knowledge, Network and Knowhow to support the profession at this critical time.


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Cycling is ten times more important than electric cars for reaching net-zero cities

Globally, only one in 50 new cars were fully electric in 2020, and one in 14 in the UK. Sounds impressive, but even if all new cars were electric now, it would still take 15-20 years to replace the world’s fossil fuel car fleet.

Globally, only one in 50 new cars were fully electric in 2020, and one in 14 in the UK. Sounds impressive, but even if all new cars were electric now, it would still...
16 April 2021/Number of views (54)

'We All Ride Bikes Now'

Have a read of the inspiration behind Phil Crompton and Joanna Ward's newly released book!

We all know the theory, we should be using our cars less and travelling more actively, to improve or health (mental and physical), to save money, to save time and to tackle the climate crisis.
18 March 2021/Number of views (275)

How 'school streets' could create safer, healthier cities

Amy Barnes and Maria Val Martin

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, communities living in cities need cleaner air to breathe and outdoor public space to be social yet physically distanced. Recognition of these issues has led public...
19 February 2021/Number of views (375)

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Transport Practitioners' Meeting

Mark your calendars! #2021TPM will take place 7 - 8 July 2021

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Advancing skills knowledge with PTRC

Whether you are new to the transport industry, are looking to refresh your knowledge on transport principles, or if you have taken on a new responsibility or are working in a ‘niche area’ and wish to broaden your knowledge, PTRC’s 20 week evening lecture series offers a cost-effective and time-inexpensive training course that will benefit both the participating

The next session started 27 January 2020

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Upcoming Training

21 April 2021      

Urban Logistics and Transport Planning

Efficient, safe and sustainable movement of freight within urban areas is essential to ensure towns and cities prosper and local businesses thrive. Freight is the lifeblood of our local economies and needs to be planned for and effectively managed, to balance the needs of industry with those of local communities, other road users and the environment.

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22 April 2021      

Participation and Consultation in Transport Planning

This course sets out what responsible organisations must do to enable inclusive development. In addition, and possibly even more important, it demonstrates, through practical case studies, the difference between running public participation well and running it badly.

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27 - 28 April 2021           

Cycling for Transport

The increasing concerns over reducing road congestion and lowering NO2 levels throughout the country is just one of the factors behind the desire to increase the use of cycling as a main mode of transportation.  This course is designed to provide a solid introduction to cycling considerations.

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