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Top transport planners honoured at this year’s transport practititoners’ meeting awards ceremony

08 July 2014/Categories: PTRC News

PTRC’s 2014 Transport Practitioners’ Meeting Awards have been awarded to top transport planners across the UK in recognition of their work in proposing, planning and developing schemes that improve local transport provision, enhance the built environment, or contribute to local socio-economic well-being.

The PTRC Lifetime Achievement Award was given to Michèle Dix, Managing Director of Planning, Transport for London, for her commitment and contribution to the transport planning profession. Her award was presented by Daniel Parker-Klein, Director, PTRC, who commended Michèle for her outstanding work, stating: ‘Throughout her career Michele has demonstrated a drive and dedication to improve transport in London and beyond culminating in the successes of the London congestion charge and the more recent Roads Task Force. I cannot think of a more fitting figure on the 100th anniversary of women working in transport to receive this prestigious award.’

The 2014 Transport Planner of the Year Award, sponsored by TPS, was given to Frank Baxter, Southampton City Council presented by Nick Richardson, Chairman of the Transport Planning Society. Nick also presented the Best Paper at the Conference by a Young Practitioner Award, sponsored by TPS, to Greg Drach, PleaseCycle Ltd.

Daniel Parker-Klein, Director, PTRC, presented the award for the Best Paper at the Conference 2014 to Donna Gutteridge and Nicola Scott, JMP Consultants Ltd. for their paper: “Smarter Choices – Preaching to the Unconverted-Engaging with ‘Harder to Reach’ Target Audiences”.

Mick Roberts, Trustee, The Brian Large Bursary Fund presented the award for the Voorhees-Large Prize, in memory of Brian Large, a former director of planning consultancy MVA and one of the founding fathers of transport modelling. This year’s award was presented to Kerri Rogan, Transport for London, for her dissertation: ‘A mixed method study of gender differences in pedal cyclists’ risk in London’, submitted for her Masters in Transport and Business Management at Imperial College London and University College London (UCL).

John Dales, Director Urban Movement, presented Cheshire East Council with the 2014 Award for Urban Transport Design for the “Poynton Town Centre” scheme.

The Awards Ceremony was held at the Emirates Stadium in North London.


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