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When will cycling be a ‘grown up’ mode?

I’ve also always spent some of my working week on development planning as well as cycling work. With a few honourable exceptions, the approach to cycling in new development is often pretty dismal. The private sector doesn’t really want to create ‘highway’ space that can’t be sold on, while local authorities don’t want to adopt high quality finishes with a future maintenance liability. Consequently public space, cycle routes and cycle parking in new development, where we have a chance to really do something good, is often shoe-horned into spaces that can’t be used for anything more...
10 December 2013
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Public Inquiries, EIP and Informal Hearings – the crucial role of training for success

As a professional who has been involved in a number of public inquiries, I’ve come to realise how crucial it is to road test ideas, skills and strategies. To be successful at inquiry, important skill sets are required to enable you to ‘know your story’, expand your story (in plain English) and be able to ‘recall the story’ when there are lots of different issues going on. On reflection, the journey from my first public inquiry back in 1998 and what I learnt from my peers and managers – and the experience since then – I realise the value of training and development in this area is...
08 November 2013
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Wanted! Transport professionals to Get Britain Cycling

It is fitting that PTRC News should be highlighting cycling, just nine days after the historic House of Commons debate on 2nd September 2013. It was a remarkable sight: an estimated 100 MPs, 30 of whom spoke, giving wholehearted cross-party backing to Get Britain Cycling - the published findings of the All Party Parliamentary Cycling Group's recent Inquiry. Admittedly, at times, the debate was stodgy. But anyone watching the 4-hour epic on Hansard TV definitely got their money's worth. The report recommended a...
13 September 2013
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